DJ OKAY / DISCOFUNK MIX 初回限定盤オリジナルピック付き

Modern Funk ,Boogie Funk というジャンル
Dam Funkや、 彼の所属するLAの Crew Funkmosphere、Mayer Hawthorne、Tuxedo Snoop sa_ra等のPlayを聞いて色々と曲を知りました。P Funk の キーボーディスト Walter "Junie" Morrison、
Cameo 等から Kashif、Skyy、
S.O.S. Band等を知りMusic Life
敬意を込めて作ったTribute Mixです。

Disco Funk Mix Track List

Steve Arrington / Nobody Can Be You
Parliament/ Give Up The Funk
Cameo/ Rigor Mortis
Dam Funk/ Nightryder
Kleeer/ Tonight
Young & Company / Checking You Out
Dr. Togo/ Be Free
Kenny Lynch / Harf The Day's Gone And
We Haven't Earn'ed a Penny
Inner Life/ I'm Caught Up
Sharon Redd/ Can You Handle It
The S.O.S. Band/ High Hopes
Unlimited Touch/ I Hear Music In The Streets
The Whispers/ Keep On Lovin' Me
Starshine / All I Need Is You
The Rah Band / Messages From The Star
Evelyn Champagne King / I'm In Love
Denise Lasalle / I'm So Hot
Shalamar/ Take That To The Bank
Midnight Express / Danger Zone
Ray Paker Jr./ For Those Who Like To Groove
Breakwater / Releace The Beast
Funkadelic / Knee Deep
Cameo / I Just Want To Be
Bernard Wright / Just Chillin' Out
The B.B.& Q Band / Imagination
Nite Funk / Let Me Be Me
Kashif/ I Just Gotta Have You
Skyy/ Call Me
Maurice Starr / Spacey Lady
Paul Hardcastle / Rain Forest
Skyy/ Here To You

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